Gift Cards

We sell two types of gift card products, each in multiple denominations. Each can be used either online or in our showroom.
The first is a virtual (online) gift card.
You can customize the style of the virtual card through the "customize" button you will find in the product page, as well as write a custom message.
After purchasing, an email with the virtual card is sent to your email address. You can either print it out and give it to the person you wish to gift, or send it to them via email. You can forward the email you receive to the giftee (you may wish to edit the email to remove the forwarding details). If you would prefer that the email sent to the recipient should come from HK Jewels, you can reply to the email with the email address of the recipient, and we can send it to them.
The second type is a physical cardIt is similar in size and material to a typical credit card, and comes in a gift envelope.
It will be shipped to the address you request during checkout. Any applicable shipping fees will apply.